Main research topics:
  • assisted orchestration;
  • deep learning for music;
  • symbolic representation of sound;
  • mathematical models of signals;
  • physical modelling;
  • audio indexing/classification.


Book chapters


Nuovi approcci alla struttura armonica: caleidocicli e mosaici tricordali
In Luigi Verdi, Caleidocicli musicali - 2nd edition, Rugginenti, 2010, Milano


Selected papers


Open-source modular toolbox for computer-aided orchestration
(with Philippe Esling)
Timbre conference, 2018, Montreal, Canada


Deep Learning for Timbre Modification and Transfer: an Evaluation Study
(with Leonardo Gabrielli, Fabio Vesperini, Diego Droghini, Emanuele Principi and Stefano Squartini)
AES 144th, 2018, Milan, Italy


Machine listening intelligence
International Workshop on Deep learning for music, 2017, Anchorage, ALASKA


Deep convolutional networks on the pitch spiral for musical instrument recognition
(with V. Lostanlen)
ISMIR 2016, New York, USA


Vuza: a functional language for creative applications
official web page here
ICMC 2014, Athens, Greece


Advanced sound hybridizations by means of the theory of sound-types
(with J.J. Burred) - audio samples available here
ICMC 2013, Perth, Australia


Sound-types: a new framework for symbolic sound analysis and synthesis
ICMC 2011, HUddersfield, United Kingdom


Harmonic Components Extraction in Recorded Piano Tones
128th AES conference London, United Kingdom, 2010


Towards a Symbolic Approach to Sound Analysis
Second international conference on Mathematics and computation for music, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2009


Using the SDIF Sound Description Interchange Format for Audio Features
(with J.J. Burred, G. Peeters, A. Roebel and D. Schwarz)
International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), Philadelphia, USA, September 2008


Recensione di 'Caleidocicli musicali' di Luigi Verdi
Musica theorica Spectrum, Inverno 2006, Ed. Curci Milano (Italy)


Il compositore cieco
Rivista umbra di musicologia, n. 50 - 2006/1, pagg. 17 - 27 Perugia (Italy)


Il semplice sistema
Rivista umbra di musicologia, n. 49 - 2005/2, pagg. 43 - 51 Perugia (Italy)


Sulla struttura logica della musica
Rivista umbra di musicologia, n. 48 - 2005/1, pagg. 3 - 57, Perugia (Italy)
Presented at IRCAM for MaMux in Jan. 2006
An extended version can be found here


Sintesi per stati e visualizzazione del processo compositivo
(with F. Paolinelli)
La Terra Fertile, Proceedings, 2000, pagg. 87 - 89 L'Aquila (Italy)


Other materials


On symbolic representations of music
PhD dissertation, Bologna, 2011 - Presentation slides
A short description of the sound-types transform can be found here.
A more compact presentation given at Queen Mary University of London.


Referee activity/scientific commitees


EUSIPCO - SAT on Acoustic, Speech and Music Signal Processing
International society for music information retrieval (ISMIR)
EURASIP Journal of Audio Signal Processing (JASP)
IRCAM musical research residency program
Mathematics and computation in music (MCM)
Colloquio di informatica musicale (CIM)