Orchidea is a framework for static and dynamic computer-assisted orchestration. It is the new generation of the Orchid* softwares for assisted orchestration (originally created in the Ircam Music Representation team). It is a joint project between Ircam, HEM Geneve and UC Berkeley and is made of several tools, including a standalone application, a Max package and a set of command line tools.

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Kymatio is an implementation of the wavelet scattering transform in the Python programming language, suitable for large-scale numerical experiments in signal processing and machine learning. Scattering transforms are translation-invariant signal representations implemented as convolutional networks whose filters are not learned, but fixed (as wavelet filters).

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Sparkle is a tool for advanced spectral hybridizations made of several algorithms that operate on frequency domain. By means of envelope preservation and phase-sync processing it can creates high-quality sound transformations.



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Personal projects related to the research activity.




Spectral design



SonicPad is a set of tools for high-quality sound transformations made of several algorithms that operate both in time and frequency domains. The tools can be used independently (as command line utilites) or using the provided GUI. This software encapsulates also Sparkle, CombSyn, CoolVerb, Pconv and an offline version of Nebula.
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Nebula brings real-time granular synthesis to the iPad, including glissons and grainlets. Granulation can be performed on several prototypal waveforms (sines, triangles, squares, noise) and morphing can be applied between them. It is possible to store presets and interpolate among them using a single finger through the gesture mode (activable by the provided button or simply by going to landscape mode). You can also save and load banks of presets and share them to your friends through iTunes, using the App page. In the motion mode, it is possible to control some parameter of the synthesis in a physical manner by simply moving the iPad in your hands. Finally, all the produced sounds can be recorded and exported to your favourite platform: the recorded sounds will be found in iTunes under the App page.
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There exists also an old (different and essentially unrelated) version for Windows that can be found below.
Screenshot - Download old Windows installer


Crossing is a software for computer-assisted composition using additive synthesis. It provides specific tools to create spectral states and interpolates between them. Among the spectral designs it is possible to find methods related to mathematical series, FM-like tones, random spectra, etc. All scores of spectra can be rendered to an audio file to be used in other platoforms.
A short guide written by F. Paolinelli (italian)
Screenshot - Download ver.1.00 for Windows (installer)



pureControl is a realtime control environment based on a dedicated language: IdiL (Idiot Language). It can create complex GUIs made of different types of controls and it can associate a callback action to each control to communicate with external synthesizers by socket messages.
Screenshot - Download ver. 1.3 for Windows (installer)



Sinewarp is a tool for additive synthesis; it lets you build and control up to 512 oscillators through high-level functions and vectorial control; moreover, it lets you record sounds in realtime and save spectra with snapshots.


Voice processing



reVoice is a realtime environment to synthesize human voice that gives the possibility to modify the original pitch without altering the formant structure of the source. The program can also produce harmonisation effects and is based on synchronous granular synthesis and on other complex techniques to detect the pitch of a signal in realtime.
Screenshot - Download ver.1.00 for Windows (installer)


CAO (Computer Assisted Composition)



OpenMosaic is a simple tool to analyse the properties of pc-sets (z-relations, etc.) and, most important, to generate mosaics (trichordal generators, generated hexachords, tri-tetra-hexa-chords mosaics, etc.).
Download ver.1.00 for Windows (installer)





MidiLab is a powerful MIDI control surface for audio synthesis; it lets you build sets of control sliders and manage them by vectorial control; it can be used as realtime controller for Csound.
Screenshot - Download ver. 2.00 for Windows (installer)



Clusters generates rhythmic patterns by filling a matrix and moving parameters in realtime; it creates a sort of MIDI-based granular synthesis; it can be used with Csound.
Screenshot - Download ver. 1.00 for Windows (installer)



Series is a small tool to calculate math series and generate complex spectra with the help of Csound. It is possible to design spectral interpolations between the generated series.
Download ver. 1.22 for Windows (installer)



Evolve is a language to create Csound scores; it lets you create clusters of notes from rhythmic patterns. The software is a command-line tool that can be used as a sort of compiler-compiler (more info on request).
Download ver. 1.00 for Windows (installer)





PerfectTune is the ultimate tuner for stringed instruments. Not only does it feature a lightning fast pitch detection system, unparalleled by any other tuner on the AppStore, it also comes with an innovative multi-string layout that lets you tune your instrument quickly to a great variety of tunings. PerfectTune features optimized algorithms for Guitar, Bass, Banjo and other stringed instruments, and for each these you can choose from a range of relevant tunings. There's dropped and open tunings for guitar, period tunings for lute, support for 5 and 6-string bass guitars and various tyoes of banjo. In the innovative Strings view, all strings of the current instrument are laid out on the screen, making it very easy to quickly tune up. When you select a different tuning, such as Open D for guitar, the pitches in the Strings view are adjusted, helping you adjust the changed strings in a matter of seconds. The smart calibration system lets you either enter a reference frequency by hand, or calibrate automatically to a played note. This makes it very easy to get yourself in tune to a fixed-pitch instrument, such as a piano, organ or pitched percussion. PerfectTune is versatile, fast and precise and makes it fun to tune your strings!



Cast (coder's assistant) is a tool for programmers, but can help everybody; with Cast you can schedule events, actions and backups, check the amount of time you spend every day on your computer and the amount of ram, install keyboard shortcuts to launch tools, generate code from templates, check a detailed list of processes; all this simply by writing a small script.
Screenshot - Download ver.1.00 for Windows (installer)



MediaCarve is a command line tool to recover media files from working and broken storage supports, disk images and so on. It carves data directly from the input, disregarding any information such as the file system. It currently supports the following formats: avi, wav, rmi, pal, ani, bmp, png, aiff, mp3, jpg.
Download ver. 1.00 for OSX