Performance of Ali oscillano in fioco cielo
madrigal for five voices
july 2014, Kiev, La dolce maniera, conductor: Luigi Gaggero


New piece for ensemble
10 may 2014, Paris - 19 may 2013, Madrid, Ensemble orchestral contemporaine (EOC)
conductor: Daniel Kawka
commissioned by: Casa de Velazquez


Premiere of Improvviso statico II
for alto sax and live electronics
5 may 2014, Milan,Divertimento ensemble, saxophone: Mario Marzi
commissioned by: Divertimento ensemble


Performance of The Manhattan distance
for orchestra
26 march 2014, Florence, Orchestra regionale della Toscana (ORT), conductor: Fabio Maestri


Composer in residence at Casa de Velazquez - Madrid
september 2013 - september 2014


Premiere of Ali oscillano in fioco cielo
madrigal for five voices
july 2013, Strasbourg, La dolce maniera, conductor: Luigi Gaggero
commissioned by: La dolce maniera


Premiere of Reflets de l'ombre
for orchestra and electronics
7 june 2013, Paris, Salle Pleyel, conductor: Jukka-Pekka Saraste
commissioned by: IRCAM-Radio France


Sound installation of Strani insetti
for synthesized sounds
1-2 june 2013, Frontone, Out of range


Premiere of Le forme della solitudine
for Paetzold recorders and electronics
29 may 2013, Germany, conductor: Antonio Politano
commissioned by: Prime project


Performance of Improvviso statico
for saxophone and live electronics
22 april 2013, Milan - S. Fedele concerti, saxophone: Mario Marzi


Premiere of Improvviso statico
for saxophone and live electronics
13 october 2012, Rome, saxophone: Enzo Filippetti
commissioned by: EmuFest


Live electronics for the chamber opera Limbus-Limbo by Stefano Gervasoni
22/23 september 2012, Strasbourg
commissioned by: Les Percussions de Strasbourg


Premiere of Già s'ottenebra il giorno
for orchestra
25 june 2012, Centre Pompidou - Grande salle - Paris, conductor: Leo Hussain
commissioned by: IRCAM


Performance of Come occhi che videro deserti
for synthesized sounds
8 may 2012, EmuTif, Conservatorio S. Ceclia - Rome


Musical assistant for the sonification of F. Murnau's Der Letzte Mann
by Federico Gardella

7 march 2012, Auditorium S. Fedele, Milano
commissioned by: Centro S. Fedele





Invited researcher at the computing department of Goldsmiths university of London
june 2012 - june 2013 Ircam


Composer in research at IRCAM
october 2011 - june 2013


Talk: An introduction to the theory of sound-types
20 february, IRCAM - Salle Stravinsky, Paris


Talk: Compositional spaces and the theory of sound-types
19 january 2012, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse, Paris